En rolig och träffande text angående årets mottagare av priset från varumärkessnyltaren Sveriges Riksbank:

“But as we’ve written before in this column, the sacred idols of economics – infinite growth, logical actors, efficient markets, rational price discovery – are daily getting smashed on the rock of financial reality and by retreating into hermetic Gnosticism, academic practitioners of the dismal science are merely making themselves increasingly arcane, even irrelevant.

When we think of the world’s economic problems, what we need is not more efficient tools to game the broken model, but a new model, or preferably no model. When we consider the challenges humanity faces in the 21st century, when the first world pain of the GFC is long forgotten, what we need is a better philosophy and better institutions to underpin it, where the resources we have at our disposal can be distributed or put to work, in a fairer, more equitable and more humane manner than either socialism or capitalism can currently come up with.”

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