Robert Skidelsky recenserar Adair Turners bok Economics After the Crisis i senaste numret av TLS. Turner kritiserar tre teman som dominerat både den offentliga diskursen och de politiska förslag som följt i dess kölvatten de tre senaste decennierna:

“His book challenges the three main planks of what he calls the “instrumental conventional wisdom”. The first is that the object of policy should be to maximize Gross Domestic Product per head; the second, that the primary means of doing this is to create freer markets; the third, that increased inequality is acceptable as long as it delivers superior growth. The attack is devastating, leaving little of the policy edifice of the past thirty years standing.”


“Economics should draw its arguments from the world as it is, not from a model of perfect markets. It should not attempt to achieve one all-encompassing theory of behaviour. It should not assume that people in financial markets make rational assessments of future probabilities of potential outcomes, but seek to establish how they actually make decisions under different conditions.”

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